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Hmm I was entertained

The flash itself was I don't even know. I'll explain it all in the review

Well the style of the flash was really different from everyone elses I have seen on here. The art looked like gibberish. Which what surprised me was some parts were really good flash skills then it restored down to the "unknown" part of the flash again. The weird language was not even a real language which gave it that random touch. I have to admit some parts on here I laughed at but then some made me tap my head and think.

I can see potential in you, it matters just how you put it to use. I bet if you really tried you could make a really great flash. Please don't make anything like this again though. I don't mean to call you out this was just not good in my opinion at some parts of the flash.

Art & Animation - 4
Story - 0
Voices - 2
Overall - 2 (+1 point for potential)

MarkSW responds:

I think the next flash will be exactly like this one. I just can't (or don't want to) think up something not stupid.
Thanks for the review though!


Well the flash was ok in my point a view. There is a lot more good things I could say about it then bad.

The Jokes in this flash made me chuckle. I was not rolling on the floor laughing but just good enough to bring that small laugh. The voicing was to sketchy. It could be ignored but it could be better. The story was that kind of crappy hilarious story where its so simple that its awesome which is what a lot of movies live off of these days. And the idea to make them popcicles was real creative.

The animation in this flash could have taken more work. I would of liked to see more improvements on the art & animation for the next one. For being a trailer I can care less but the real thing you need it to be the best it can be. All the small stuff could be worked on like just the details, colors, texture, effects all that stuff. Spending 10 minutes on that wouldn't hurt and it would be better in the long run. I do not own flash though so I do not know how hard it is.

Overall just improve on the animation. The story to simple, jokes cheesy, and the voices were terrible. Some of that I liked though cause it gave the flash character and creativity. So please do your best with the animation and I would love to see this become a real thing.

Story - 7
Art & Animation - 4
Voices - 5
Overall - 5.333333333333 (rounded to 5)

\\Review Request Club//

The-Mercenary responds:

this was a fake trailer thats making fun of the cheesyness of movie trailers and has bad voiceovers on purpose :(

I wish I had my camara

Well there are a lot of contributors so you know its good. The authors description is flawless "happy clock day" I almost threw up when I read it since its so amazing. And that ad "Perfect World MMORPG" really pulled it all together. Soapbubble really did a good job with the story line. thenewbies is a great company. I like there shoes. And Idiot-Finder is Artist and Sound. DAMM. If it wasn't for him it would just be stick figures and spitting noises. And xenonmonkey best voice actor ever. He had the right voice for it. The animation ran smoothly and Great job programming this. I was profound by how awesome this flash is

Well after looking real closely at this I realized it was just a white box and that wasn't cool.

Next time make a red box

Art&Animation - 10
Sound&Music - 10
Ad - 10
Description - 10
Graphics - 10
Story line - 10
Voice - 10
Colors - 10
Title - 9 (needed more monkeys)
Contributors - 10
Score - 9
Usage of the color white - 0
Overall - 9.80333333333(rounded to 10)

Klik responds:

it is artistic genuis

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One button, One epic game.

The design of this game was Genius and epic. Thinking of a game only using one button and making it actually good and playable seems like a tough thing to do since almost all games need a good story, game play, and an extraordinary ending. Which this game had all three of them and also included some hilarity.

The Story of this game was marvelous even for it being a simple one button game. The story included a nemesis, great cut scenes, and twist in the stories here and there. And what I liked is you get into a fight with your rival twice and after you slay him he helps you defeat the final boss by giving his life. And just as soon as you think your done with the game you have to fight the boss again which by then he has about one hundred billion HP, but he is a lot easier that fight considering you can't get hurt the second time you fight him where as the first time you can get hurt and almost killed if your rival didn't come to help.

The game play on this simple flash I find better them some games of xbox live. It gave your game complexity and simplicity. The game had a good fighting system, xp and gold system (which didn't work though really), and a final boss but its so simple that the entire game can be played with just the space bar. And the fights you would get into isn't so boring. You would use the space bar to be able to block while worrying about trying to kill them. And the music is what really kept the game together. Without the great music in this game the game itself would have been really dull.

This game I enjoyed a lot playing and I was real happy where after I beat it I find out that there is a 100 point medal waiting for you at the end of the game. The game had outstanding music, game play, story, hilarity, and other goodies. I feel this game deserves all the attention its getting right now and the 10 I'm going to give it in this review.

Achievement Get: Make an awesome flash

This flash was very well done. Put together nicely with Programming and the Art. I really liked this flash and played it for about an hour before I started reviewing.

Everything. The art, game play, all of it. I like how the character was futuristic looking and the background and playing field was plain looking. It looked Sepia. I liked at the level select in the background with the TV snow. That really went with the theme. Not only do you have to beat the level if you want you can try to get under the par and finish it without dieing, I really loved that. It was an extra challenge to give more endurance to the game. That is one of the main reasons I wanted to keep playing. I made it all the way to level 10 with getting under the par and without dieing.

Although I like this game difficulty grew fast. Each level after 5 would get twice as hard as the last level. Very challenging game. Thats the only downfall.

Just make it a little easier or set a difficulty mode. That would be awesome to have. But some games are still very great even though they are hard.

-Review Request Club-

I've seen better

This game is buggy and Glitchy. Even though you used the Game Factory its not really an excuse and can be easily fixed.

I usually pull off a lot of stuff in the "likes" section but can't for this submission. The flash has some decent sprites. If you made those sprites props for that. There are some good sound effects in the game. They are used appropriately and correctly.

Quite a bit of bugs. The numbers in the corner I ave know Idea what the purpose of those were for. Not sure if it was a timer, points, or some other thing. There was no music either. Playing the game was so Dull without Music. Good music is a key to a good flash. The pixels for the flash are a bit off. Cause there are a few blank lines on the flash and its not distracting it just ruins the quality. And when you would explode or the meteor would get destroyed it would leave some stuff behind. And after shooting about 30 meteors it gets annoying. The menu screen and replay screen are to boring. Just a blue gradient with text saying "Press space to (re)play". There could of been a lot more quality in the flash if all of this was fixed.

Fix all the bugs and add some background music. You need great music to have a great flash. Without music it just falls apart. Even if the music is simple like a small loop its still better than nothing.

-Review Request Club-

CAN-OF-SPAM responds:

Ok, i made 2 others after i made this and the final version is a hell of a lot better.

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Great but not perfect

When I first heard the beginning I thought this song was going to be completely different than what I thought it was going to be.

I didn't like the beginning (First 30 seconds) but after that I was enjoying the song. And every few seconds you add a little more but at 0:40 was where I liked it the most. Thats where I wanted to listen to over and over again. After the beginning the song was very good and enjoyable.

The beginning. It doesn't really match up with the Techno theme and i have heard stuff like the beginning in a lot of other songs. The beginning has no big deal to me and was the only thing I disliked about the song.

Just fix the beginning so it seems more like a techno song. It could of maybe confused some people. Techno and R&B are my favorite Genres of songs and hearing the beginning I was not pleased with it.

-Review Request Club-


Glad I stuck around for the whole song. At the beginning it was boring and right about when I was going to give up I heard the beautiful sounds coming from out my speakers.

After it got past the first 25 seconds of the song I was really getting into it then. The song went from slow and boring to fast paced and great melody and beats. When the song started to slow down that part I liked. The simple beats from which I think was a xylophone was just the right touch to add into the song. And the ending did the same thing but instead of it getting faster over time it got slower. I really liked that. It was a good way to end a song.

The beginning of the song was a little to boring. Using the soft stuff to build up in your song i a great method but it was putting me to sleep. Maybe thats cause Im reviewing this at 1 A.M. Other then the boring 25 seconds which isn't even a big deal. Great Job.

Nothing. A tiny little mistake here then there that don't even matter. Great song.

-Review Request Club-

Numi responds:

NICE. Glad you were able to enjoy it ^_^

And yes, after about half a dozen listens after the upload, I saw all sorts of problems. Including the one with the intro you mentioned. I plan to rebuild this, fix everything, and make it a hell of a lot better sometime soon!

A song worthy to my ears.

The beginning, middle, and end all were great. How it was all put together was great. I don't really understand why the title is Aliens.

The beginning is a nice classical type style. Putting something classical to open with on this song was a smart in my mind to do cause its warming you up for the good part. Even though it was still kind of classical it wasn't boring like most classical song. The I like the song after around 30 seconds cause it was really fast paced. And the ending wrapped up the song nicely. Great song overall.

Nothing I can think of. Maybe the only thing I can think of is it didn't loop together nicely. I like when the song sounds almost exactly like the beginning so you never really know when it ended. But this isn't a loop so nothing wrong with that.

Just keep doing what your doing. It all sounds great. Sorry I didn't put as much into this review as I could of.

-Review Request Club-

Decibel responds:

It's not a prob, I'm glad you dropped by to review =)


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Super orgasm all the way!

Coleco responds:


Sweet home Alabama

This art reminds me of Alabama or something you would see out of a country movie.

The art has a laid back type of style. Its a simple and calm piece of work. It looked like a lot of fun to make this art with the ipad. The art style I really like with the choppy look. It looks somewhat low quality but it is still a very great piece of art. The way you made this art is what I really like about it. I can really put it into words but its very good.

I like how the art has little detail into it but some more detail would help me figure out what this is. Some parts of it I couldn't tell what it was.

All I would of liked was to add a little more into the art. I liked the simplicity of it but a little more couldn't of hurt so it wouldn't be so plain.

-Review Request Club-

Joshsouza responds:

Look at Coop's review and look at my response, think it says everything I want to say.

Your banned?

Surprised you got banned from the art portal. I only know one person who got banned and it was for a good reason.

What I like about the drawing is it makes no sense. His legs are mutated snakes, his wings are all messed up and uneven, you have his arms labeled east and west, and I can't tell if thats fire coming out of his eyes or its just his eyebrows.

Its so simple that it looks like a 3 year old drew it. Im sorry if that insults you but I love simple art like this. The way you filled it in looks like you scribbled and did it in 10 seconds.

And when authors sign there name on the art there making like in the corner, I like how you did hat and it makes you look silly. I love this art just cause how crappy it is.

Drawings - 5
Colors - 3
Details -3
Overall - 3.66666667 (rounded to 4)

ZJ responds:

Your review has touched me in ways I cannot even begin to describe.

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