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Super PSTW Action RPG Super PSTW Action RPG

Rated 5 / 5 stars

One button, One epic game.

The design of this game was Genius and epic. Thinking of a game only using one button and making it actually good and playable seems like a tough thing to do since almost all games need a good story, game play, and an extraordinary ending. Which this game had all three of them and also included some hilarity.

The Story of this game was marvelous even for it being a simple one button game. The story included a nemesis, great cut scenes, and twist in the stories here and there. And what I liked is you get into a fight with your rival twice and after you slay him he helps you defeat the final boss by giving his life. And just as soon as you think your done with the game you have to fight the boss again which by then he has about one hundred billion HP, but he is a lot easier that fight considering you can't get hurt the second time you fight him where as the first time you can get hurt and almost killed if your rival didn't come to help.

The game play on this simple flash I find better them some games of xbox live. It gave your game complexity and simplicity. The game had a good fighting system, xp and gold system (which didn't work though really), and a final boss but its so simple that the entire game can be played with just the space bar. And the fights you would get into isn't so boring. You would use the space bar to be able to block while worrying about trying to kill them. And the music is what really kept the game together. Without the great music in this game the game itself would have been really dull.

This game I enjoyed a lot playing and I was real happy where after I beat it I find out that there is a 100 point medal waiting for you at the end of the game. The game had outstanding music, game play, story, hilarity, and other goodies. I feel this game deserves all the attention its getting right now and the 10 I'm going to give it in this review.

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Monday Morning TV Monday Morning TV

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Achievement Get: Make an awesome flash

This flash was very well done. Put together nicely with Programming and the Art. I really liked this flash and played it for about an hour before I started reviewing.

Everything. The art, game play, all of it. I like how the character was futuristic looking and the background and playing field was plain looking. It looked Sepia. I liked at the level select in the background with the TV snow. That really went with the theme. Not only do you have to beat the level if you want you can try to get under the par and finish it without dieing, I really loved that. It was an extra challenge to give more endurance to the game. That is one of the main reasons I wanted to keep playing. I made it all the way to level 10 with getting under the par and without dieing.

Although I like this game difficulty grew fast. Each level after 5 would get twice as hard as the last level. Very challenging game. Thats the only downfall.

Just make it a little easier or set a difficulty mode. That would be awesome to have. But some games are still very great even though they are hard.

-Review Request Club-

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Meteorite smash Meteorite smash

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I've seen better

This game is buggy and Glitchy. Even though you used the Game Factory its not really an excuse and can be easily fixed.

I usually pull off a lot of stuff in the "likes" section but can't for this submission. The flash has some decent sprites. If you made those sprites props for that. There are some good sound effects in the game. They are used appropriately and correctly.

Quite a bit of bugs. The numbers in the corner I ave know Idea what the purpose of those were for. Not sure if it was a timer, points, or some other thing. There was no music either. Playing the game was so Dull without Music. Good music is a key to a good flash. The pixels for the flash are a bit off. Cause there are a few blank lines on the flash and its not distracting it just ruins the quality. And when you would explode or the meteor would get destroyed it would leave some stuff behind. And after shooting about 30 meteors it gets annoying. The menu screen and replay screen are to boring. Just a blue gradient with text saying "Press space to (re)play". There could of been a lot more quality in the flash if all of this was fixed.

Fix all the bugs and add some background music. You need great music to have a great flash. Without music it just falls apart. Even if the music is simple like a small loop its still better than nothing.

-Review Request Club-

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CAN-OF-SPAM responds:

Ok, i made 2 others after i made this and the final version is a hell of a lot better.

Gretel and Hansel Part 2 Gretel and Hansel Part 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Home Run Game!

So far the art was great even when the preloader was starting. The little face icons were same just as the original with a tiny improvment here and there. The preloader game I liked. Even after it loaded I kept playing cause it was fun and I knew there had to be a medal and sure enough. After I finished the preloader game I finally clicked play.

The intro was pretty plain but when she ripped off his head I got some lulz out of that.Then the tree grew threw the other head. That was enough for me to get off my side and in a good position to start playing and get the full expirence.

The first part of the game and I saw the 2 sitting together. This part I got real loss though. I had absolutly no idea of what to do. I finally noticed the tree and clicked it and got my stuff.

This version of the game seemed very weird and different from the first. The first had a nice mellow feeling to it for me but this one seemed very dark and evil. The part with you tied up and the tree is trying to get you to eat is wheI first started noticing it. When the tree grew inside of me and burst out was very dark and this game was not what I expect it to be.

For the type of animation style you used on this game, you made the blood look very realistic. I was surprised that the blood looked really good when I thought it was going to be a little choppy.

The deaths in this game I laughed at every one cause of just how the outcome turned out. They were very bloody for every one though but thats what the game is.

Overall Lots of bloody parts, Lots of trcky parts, Lots of crazy parts. I still thought the game was good. I enjoye playing this game and had fun collecting everything like medals and other game type things.

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Happy Wheels Happy Wheels

Rated 4 / 5 stars

I loved this game for an odd reason

The thing thaat really got me into this game was the blood and guts.

Yeah sure call me a terrible person but the gorey thing is what made me not want to stop playing. I tried all 3 characters and chocked almost to death from laughter. Almost anything could get destroyed. The people there rides it all can break. I like the biker the best cause he has a kid on his back and his wheels can get crushed. Im sorry I only like the game for all the terrible things that can happen to the players but that just happens to make me laugh and its my style.

I am now interested in playing the full version and will give the game a shot on your site. I really fell in love with this game and to make it a Demo to keep them wanting more by drawing them to your site was brilliant.

Art & Animation - 7
Game play -10
Music & Sonud effects - 5
Blood & Gore - 10
Overall - 8

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Madness Hydraulic Madness Hydraulic

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A great tribute to madness day

I waited a 5 minute wait for the preloader which was surprising for a 17 mb file. The music unraveled me which got me motivated to get playing. The great art piece in the background was a familiar piece from the art portal. I clicked play and I from then on I was no longer Domo, I was Hank.

The first level in practice was simple yet when I fired my first bullet and it impaled him in the chest I knew this game was going to be on my mind for the next few days. I finished the wave but to find out I could not buy anything with $6 dollars so my hopes were crushed. But I kept on truckin to the next wave. I finish a few more waves till I notice wave 5 had a different title. Insted of it being just "wave 5" it also had hydrolics at the end. I didn't think much of it until the level started moving. I had the funnest time on that level. Going 40 levels straight with just you killing guys would of gotten old but a little mix up is just what this needed. After I beat the level I buy my first turret and it was great help but tht "beat the game without turrets" is crossed of my list. To make the review not so long im not going to list my entire game play like I was so i'll just get to it.

The game overall was my type of style. To me this is a must buy if it was on consoles. It was not the entire same all the way through. It contained a simple shake it up type things all across the game. The character layout was nice and the weapon choices were outstanding. A small amount of medals but still a good game. The choice of audio matched up with the game and how it was played.At first I thought there was no auto save but when I saw "[auto saved]" I was so relieved.

The one thing I did not like Tom is the level layout. It was so simple and never changed. This bored me through the game. but did not mean it was not a fun game cause I thought this game rocked.

Game Play - 9
Art & Animation - 10
Creativity - 9.5
Audio - 10
Overall - 9.625 ( rounded to 10 )

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Make My Next Game Make My Next Game

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This game is good but not great

I did love this game but there were some parts I did not like but some I did. Obviously it was one of those type in command games and I really like those especially if they have medals. I also like how they thought of every phrase in the English language. You could type in a bunch of random phrases and get a funny response. They also gave hints by putting some words in red. When I saw open flash in red thats what help me beat the game cause I wasn't thinking straight. It also had a great pixel version of Afro-Ninja.

I enjoyed playing the game and the medal hunt made it more enjoyable but there was some stuff that I did not like. Such as you stayed on the computer the whole time. Even when you opened flash you didn't get the camera focused on the computer screen you just got some text on the side. Some of the medals when you type in " view medals " give it away which I like cause it makes it easier but takes away the fun. And also I tried every possible command in my mind I could think of but could not get the medal. Maybe I wasn't thinking straight or just not really trying but I should of tried more.

Overall no real hatred to this game. I liked more then stuff I did not like. I voted 4 on this flash raising it 0.01. So this game I would call good maybe real good but not great. But I still had an enjoyment playing this game and Im glad about reviewing this flash. Thank you For creating the game and giving time to get medals working.

Art & Animation - 8
Game Play - 7
Music - 9
Overall - 8

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Afro-Ninja responds:

well, for a few days of work that's all I can ask for :)
it would be easy to go crazy and put in endless responses but I had to draw the line somewhere and get back to my real projects, heh

Dynamic Systems 2 Dynamic Systems 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like sequels

And this has to be the best one I have seen and best of all it has medals.

First let me say how much of an improvement this was from the first. The start up menu had better 3d graphics and just fit perfectly with it. Everything you needed was on the main menu even the ability to change the language which I have never seen in a flash game. Thats was real cool of you to put that in and take extra time to make it easier to the non native speakers of the English language. And then I played the first level and knew this one was twice as better from the first.

The first few levels had me thinking about what was different from the first and I came to this. Not only did all the items now have more of a 3d touch. They had more detail and was better designed. Everything still ran at good speed. And adding stars to this you do not know how happy I was about that. From the first something was missing to me and that was what it was. I freaking love the star thing. That makes it more funner to me and more purpose to the game.

The level editor was ok but it wasn't really user friendly to me. I would o liked to see a few improvements on tht but over all it was ok.

I really enjoyed this game and taking the time implementing medals into it this game. For me being a medal whore it makes medal games real fun to me.

Gameplay - 10
Controls - 9
Level editor - 8
Overall - 9

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LorenzGames responds:

Domo, thank you very much, I really tried to do my bast to improve the grpahic this time and I am glad you liked the multilanguage feature. :)

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy Shit!

I have never played anything this fun in my entire lifetime. There are wii games and ps3 more worse than this. The wait was really worth it and a major improvement from the first.

The medals were way overwhelming but that means this game is going to be the funnest challenge ever. 60 medals and 20 of them are secret. Some may say "why are there so many secret medals? >:(" But me I love it.

I first click play and wait 10 minutes for it to load. Sorry my computer speed sucks. But the preloader was fun and I messed with that till it loaded. That may have made it go a little slower but I didn't mind.

I also had dinner while I was playing it which made it more enjoyable and was a great way to finish off my day. Now time to start playing the game. I click play and then I go on an adventure I never thought I would go on.

The introduction was amazing and brilliant. I was in love with it. And the start menu looked very nice. I knew this was going to be something marvelous. The music was awesome if they had a cd there would probably be a 50% chance I would buy it. I clicked credits to get my first medal. And the way I received it was cool. I clicked new game and the fun had begun.

The new game play was fucking amazing. Insted of going battle to battle you get to roam kind of like an RPG. I took my first step and that was my first step of freedom. I went behind a pumpkin and opened a chest. Just the way this game works differently from 1 & 2 is amazingly awesome and intriguing.

The system of traveling is different and this is like a full based RPG. This is better than Epos and when I played that game my mind was blown. This thing takes blowing my mind to a whole new level.

I liked the art. How when your were exploring you looked like kidde but when they got in battle they looked very advanced or Anime looking.

The controls are marvelous. How you move there basic, easy to learn, just well planed out. And how you get into battles you kind of get to choose. You don't have to try to ignore it or stay out of tall grass like pokemon if you want to battle you just click on the enemy. The attacks menu and moves they have is awesome and balanced.

And the new character, he is great addition. The type of maneuvers he has and the type of strategy's and battle skills is crazy. He isn't like a clone of the other character he is completely different from the other 2 in almost every way possible.

The enemy's are designed real creatively. And I like how they all have a special trait. Each was different in some type of way. And how you fight them is great.

Everything was a big improvement. I had the funnest time playing this. Thank you Matt for this awesome game.

Game play - 10
Controls - 10
Art & Animation - 10
Difficulty - 10
Overall - 10

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matt-likes-swords responds:

Thank ye.

The Room Tribute The Room Tribute

Rated 5 / 5 stars

And they said pixels suck.

This game was extraordinary. The gameplay, tools, story line, it all planed out perfectly. It was one of the funnest games I have played in a long time. It reminded me of trick or treat adventure which was my favorite thing about it.

The similarities to Trick or Treat adventure was what really got to me. Pretty smiler game play with a few modifications to it. But it had a different story line which is way better in my opinion.

The medals have just enough fun and difficulty to give it nice fair score. The medals are challenging to earn but just with the fact that the game rocks in my opinion is great.

And it has an even balance with serious and fun. Its wacky but it doesn't cross the line into ridiculous. How some parts are serious but some are fun for the Pokemon battle reference as an example. I was laughing when I got into that.

There isn't even a limit to what you can to do. The high creativity in this game is remarkable. You can explore a wide world of fun in this game with no restrictions pulling you back.

And the tasks are simple but you got to kinda think how you can do it. With every task they make you have to explore more parts of the world which meant you can be able to scope out every last square foot.

For the pixel graphics it all looked very nice compared to other flashes where they don't spend time improving it.

I had the funnest time playing this game and I hope others did to. Nice job Tom. After a year without making flashes and you give us this big one.

Graphics - 10
Creativity - 10
Storyline - 9
Gameplay - 9
Overall - 9.5 ( rounded to 10 )

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